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Hide Up. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Type: TV. Premiered: Fall Licensors: Funimation. Studios: David Production. Theme: Martial Arts Martial Arts. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime. Make a recommendation. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu add permalink.

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Who would think that you could get a serious Anime from either story lines, but somehow the people who came up with the idea for both made it work. There is humor built into the story line too and it is very enjoyable despite the corniness.

Read recommendations by 6 more users. They are similar in the fact of having a cute shy main character who ends up in the center of a big competition. The comedy is fairly similar. The "weak" protagonist really, it's just that everyone else is too strong is often subjected to physical punishment. In Baka Test it's getting his butt Anime like ben-to to him in summoning fights and by tsunderes, while in Ben-To he gets his ass kicked plain and simple Don't worry though, they both overcome their underdog status in their own way They also both have a sort-of stalker who's weak to romace cliches.

A male in BakaTest, a female in Ben-To. Also, they're also both poor, starving students. The difference is the protagonist of Ben-To isn't "the dumbest idiot around". The basic concept around these two shows are competition, where students mostly fight to meet their expectations. The main characters in here participates these events either by team or a free-for-all battle in a surreal battle sequence. The fighting can be absurd, but it was entertaining and satisfying, so expect some action, teamwork, and romance in here.

Baka and Test, tells a boy who helps his friends trying to reach up the higher class by competing a unique RPG battle system.

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Ben-to follows a boy who is caught up in all out brawl between customers competing for half-price ben-to. Baka's an over-the-top school scenario with lots of randomness mixed in with the fighting. Baka's humor and action carries it through and makes it enjoyable.

Both shows share premises that are very, very unique. In Baka to Test you can summon creatures that battle for Anime like ben-to, but in Ben-To, you have different factions fighting over, well, bentos. Furthermore, in both shows, you have people who you would never expect to be friends to come together for a common cause.

The humor is also very similar in both shows in that they are very cheesy. If you enjoyed either show I would take a moment to check out the other recommendation. Angel Beats! Both these Anime feature girls kicking butt despite the odd situations they find them in.

Both Anime push the boundary of "willing suspense of disbelief" and yet the viewer still finds themselves believing what is going on could possibly happen in another reality. Read recommendations by 3 more users. Has a similar high school setting and it has high school kids fighting over something not really important. Both are good shows if you're looking for a good laugh with some plot.

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Angel Beats is more dark where as ben-to is more like a comedy. The action intensity is pretty much the same in both anime—the art as well. The plot of Ben-to isn't as dramatic than Angel Beats, but it's pretty close from different angles.

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Keijo and Ben-to both drew me in to their crazy, nonsensical and over-the-top narratives by being crazy, nonsensical and over-the-top. They're overly dramatic in a good wayhumorous and entertaining, full of thrilling action scenes and to top it all off, both animes have a healthy level of busts and butts to really get your blood pumping. Ben-To and Keijo!!!!!!!! Laughing is at your discretion, but the characters all adopt the point of view of the battles being Anime like ben-to or death. There's no death though, but winning does mean the world to everyone involved.

This is not a fight for a grand ideal. The fighting animation in either is very well done and entertaining to watch, and both dedicate several fanservice moments to the female characters. As mentioned before, there is no grand ideal projected, but the simple storyline moves at a decent pace to keep your attention.

Character personalities are fun and colorful, if a bit simple. You won't be enthralled by the character development, but on the other hand there isn't much to dislike. If you already appreciated one of these, the other one should almost be a guaranteed good time considering the similarities. Both are fighting for something. For there life For there livelihood and more. Lastly Both are unique in some similar ways and somewhat alike in many different ways.

Shokugeki no Souma add permalink. Fun fanservice shows where people wage wars over their cuisine. Read recommendations by 2 more users. Another food based anime which is funny, but also retains an air of seriousness throughout. Definitely watch Ben-to if you enjoyed Shokugeki!

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Ben-To would work very well as a palate cleanser or cool-down after watching Shokugeki. Although Ben-To was unique enough that I would not go so far as to suggest it was just "Food Wars Lite," or anything, they do have similar feels. Whereas Shokugeki presents an ever-present larger plotline lingering in the background, Ben-To is more simple, not really looking forward towards anything, just enjoying itself in the moment.

I think if anything, you could say that Ben-To could be watched like a more casual Shokugeki. Hataraku Maou-sama! Both anime share a pointless plot at first glance, but as you continue watching each episode, they consist of a good variety of action and comedy in a unique way that many other anime hasn't really portrayed in a while with a refreshing concept on the comedic moments that will make you die of laughter. Both comedies with some action on the side, the two focus almost more on entertaining you than telling a story which isn't a bad thing as they are both VERY entertainingand both see the main thrown into a world they do not understand much more so in Maou-sama.

One major difference is Ben-To has much more ecchi. Action comedies with an absurd plot Anime like ben-to is well executed so it doesn't actually feel all that absurd. Both also have harem elements though Ben-To has more ecchi fanservice. Similar feels and much enjoyment all around, definitely recommend checking out the other one if you liked either one.

Air Gear add permalink. The action in both Anime are packed in big time and the characters is very athletic. The fighting isn't exactly realistic, but it is nice action to watch. The characters also develop their own special powers and even girls get into the action.

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Anime like ben-to Gear and Ben-To are both action packed and comedy anime. Each of the series is about a normal guy who gets caught in a crazy competition where people fight over something that most people don't usually fight about. Naturally he quickly excels while trying it and gains the respect of the people around him, including the girl he likes.

Both series are filled with lots of funny moments and a good amount of fan service. If you enjoyed watching one of them then you should definitely check out the other as well. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Both protagonists are semi-perverse characters who through certain circumstances obtain fighting skills and are suddenly surrounded by attractive women.

They have very similar humor styles, and do have action in it but really doesn't rely on the action portion as much as the comedy. Both have a quite a bit of fan service. Read recommendations by 1 more user. Unusual idea,strong girls,lots of action and fan-service,an yuri scene,and hilarious comedy Seriously,if you haven't seen either of them,but like thous things,you're missing a loth. Both are about a guy who is forced to a ridiculous club with weird people, and because of Anime like ben-to they get dragged into fights about something stupid d-frag-which is the real game Club and ben-to-who gets the bento that are on sale.

They are both very funny and if you like one you will like the other. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka add permalink. How can a medieval anime be similar to a modern fighting anime? In Dungeon, the main character has to face his fear to kill his ennemy before he faces a bigger danger and in Ben-to, the main character have to fight against more powerful opponent each time.

In the medieval theme of Dungeon, they uses weapon and magic and in Ben-to, they use their bare hands and legs to kick some ass. I recommend both of these animes. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Students enjoying fighting for something.

Strong and awesome girls too. If you like those things, go watch it :D. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Enjoy ridiculous fight scenes and off the wall combat moves then this anime is right for you. Both of these series will make you laugh out loud, the comedy is wacky but there is an underlying love story between the two main characters. The supporting cast of the both series are extremely funny, if not too well developed.

Fun times will be had by all. Etotama add permalink. They both female MCs that are capable fighters. Both shows make use of a similar blend of action, slice of life and comedy. Although Etotama makes fun of anime and its community in general and Ben-to bases its comedy on the ridiculousness of supermarket situations that involve buying food. Kill la Kill add permalink. They're both different. But they do have the same plots. Well, the original Toradora was not about bentos, but this OVA was. They're both about Bentos.

Anime like ben-to

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