Camp pine walkthrough

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The game starts off with MC meeting Francine at the doors of the camp. Over the course of the game, you meet the other campers, go on quests, talk to the girls to improve their relationship with you, and hopefully sleep with them. To achieve these quests, you either a.

Some items, people, and places are accessible only during certain times of the day, with all the locations closed except for The Pool Shower, The Lake Cabin, and Cabins 3 and 8 Camp pine walkthrough night. With Version 0. At that point, she will show you her tits. At that point, she will fuck her ass. After Welcome to Camp. Talk to her to improve your relationship. She informs you that are the only boy that has arrived at camp, as the other bus has been delayed. From there, you are introduced to Madeline, Director of the camp, who tells her that she needs her back in the office. Go to the Office during the morning, day, or evening and talk to Francine.

Frankie has you talk to Francine about Madeline s dress code policy. Go to the office to try to convince her to Frankie s side. Francine then talks to Madeline and after a short time later, she tells you that Madeline does not care either way, which strikes her odd as Madeline was so adamant about it last week. After you both decide to go with the causal outfit, go back to Frankie.

Cutscene flows into Frankie. After talking to Frankie, she tells you that Francine needs you Camp pine walkthrough over at the office. In the next cut scene, you find out that the military have taken over the camp and enforced a quarantine. Cutscene flows with Madeline After Madeline and Emma s portion of the cutscene is over, it flows back to Francine where she states that she is getting suspicious of Madeline and wants to re-establish communications with the outside.

Cutscene flows with Raven After re-establishing the communications with Raven and investigating the perimeter with Gwen, you inform Francine of the meteor that you found. She thanks you for your information and tells you to get some rest. After Lockdown. Visit Francine and she recommends that you get you both a bottle of wine. Work till you get the cash, buy the bottle and see Francine. You may get lucky at night if you check behind the office at night and find a bottle behind the building.

Kim informs you and Frankie that she has been keeping Francine abreast of the whole situation with Fake Madeline. Frankie is afraid that Francine is on Fake Madeline s side, but then Francine reassures them. Madeline was revealed to be Shego Shego from Kim Possiblewho promptly escapes. The group decides to check in on Madeline. Go talk to Camp pine walkthrough and she tells you that she has an urgent job for you.

She wants you to fix the light panel at the pool, but states that you need a screwdriver first. Frankie s Events Welcome to Camp After meeting Madeline, you get to your cabin, Cabin 8, where you meet Frankie Based on Frankie from Foster s Home for Imaginary Friendsyour bunk mate, who will be available at the cabin in the morning, day, and evening. Friendly and outgoing, she tells you that she s here to help. After you speak with her, she tells you to get to know the other girls in the camp and check in with your Journal.

She ll be happy that you met some of the campers at the campground. Frankie is upset that Madeline has set up a strict dress code for the camp and wants you to speak out on her behalf. Go talk to Francine at the office to try to convince her to Frankie s side. Cutscene flows in Francine When you return, tell Frankie what the decision was. For you reward, she asks for you to come back later and see her soon. Talk with Frankie again and she tells you that she is hungry and wants some donuts. Go visit the kitchen in the cafeteria and steal the donuts for her.

Give them to. As your reward, she ll give you a kiss.

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The next time you see Frankie, she tells you that Francine and Madeline need you both over at the office. Cutscene flows to Francine After the night s adventures, Frankie tells you that a new girl came to camp, Starfire.

The following morning after you finish dropping off the package to Roberta, talk to Frankie. She recommends need to photograph her in the act, so she gives you a camera and works in concert with Stephanie to start a riot to distract Francine, since Frankie does not know how far this conspiracy goes. While that happens, you and Frankie break into Madeline s office and begin searching. Frankie and you hear some noises that are coming from the floor in the room. When you find Camp pine walkthrough the noise is coming from, you discover a trap door in the floor.

When you pull it open, you find a bound Madeline, naked and gagged in the hole.

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Wondering what s going on, a duplicate Madeline shows up and pulls a gun on both. Madeline then explains how she killed all the men and the Soldiers, and sexually punished the girls for fun, just to get her hands on the meteor. With that confession, she throws both of you in the basement dungeon, naked, and locks you in there.

Trapped in the basement, you and Frankie make the most of your time by having sex, only to notice Melinda outside the basement window masturbating while watching them fuck. Melinda frees them, complements on Frankie s body, and then takes off. Frankie then gets the idea to call the police by using Raven s help, since she was able to contact Starfire the last time.

Cutscene flows to Raven After stopping Shego and freeing Madeline, Frankie confesses that she has known that you have been fucking all of the other girls in camp, and sometimes she has watched. She states that she doesn t mind, because in the end she knows how you feel about one another. Imagine This. Camp pine walkthrough Frankie up to 21 Love Points and she ll let you fuck her ass and her pussy.

Go to the cabin at the Lake and meet Gwen. When you do, she says that she needs a favor. She wants a pack of cigarettes and would like you to get them for her. Go see Jessica I in Cabin 1 to buy them. You convince her to show her tits for some smokes. After helping Raven re-establish communications to the outside world, you visit Gwen in the office.

She tells you that she found a hole in the perimeter fence and wants to go with you to investigate it.

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While on the way there, you find out that Gwen has a beef with Melinda, mainly because Melinda likes you and she likes Melinda. When you get to the hole, you find a wall that you walk along until you find and unguarded entrance. Inside you find a meteor inside the room. You decide to report your findings back to Francine. You and Frankie arrive at the Lake Cabin to see Gwen, only to find her clueless about radios. Kim then s the party, believing that she could help. Talk to Gwen and find out that she wants her porn mags back from Madeline s trunk in her office. Go to Madeline s office when she is not there and steal the mags.

Any will do. Give the mags back to Gwen. Gwen wants you to discredit Melinda for ratting her out about the necklace.

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You warn her about Gwen. Go back to Gwen tell her that you called Melinda a whore. Shake That Ass Girl!!

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Get Gwen up to 6 Love Points and she ll show you her panties, ass, and tits. Thar, She Blows!! Camp pine walkthrough T s Events Just the Facts. Gwen T is a no-nonsense kind of girl who knows what you re after. Talk to her and improve your relationship. Ben 3 Get Gwen up to 3 Love Points and she ll show you her tits. Ben 6 Get Gwen up to 6 Love Points and she ll show you her asshole. Get Gwen up to 11 Love Points and she ll give you a tit Job. You and Raven team up to reestablish communications to the outside of the came.

On your way, you run into the guard, Jake. He tries to stop you both, but Raven knocks him out using her powers, which disturbs her deeply. Select Shop from the menu and purchase the cigarettes. Displaying the Money Makers. What s the Snatch, Wade? Get Camp pine walkthrough up to 16 Love Points and she ll fuck you. She treats you rather coldly and tells you that she ll be keeping an eye on you. She gives you a map of the camp and tells you that if you need her, she ll be in the camp office. From there you go your cabin Cabin 8 and meet Frankie, your bunk mate.

During the cut scene, you find out that the military have taken over the camp and enforced a quarantine. Angered that she is no longer in control of her camp, Madeline wants you to go investigate by asking questions. Go talk to Madeline and she tells you to go to the ladies room the following morning in the cafeteria and spy on what the girls say about her. After you do, go back to Madeline and tell her the information. The group frees Madeline from her cell. Madeline states that she had changed her opinion of you and tells you that you can come over at night and see her anytime.

Relieved that it s over, Frankie and you decide to have a long talk about your relationship. Cutscene flows into Frankie After you talk to Frankie, visit Madeline at night at the office and she seduces you to have sex with her in her room.

In the end, it unlocks the Outfit feature, in which you can make girls try on different outfits, some of which result in different sex acts.

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These outfits can be bought from Jessica I in Cabin 1 for various prices. The Grand Tit-tons. Meet Melinda, the cafeteria supervisor, who is only there at morning and day time. She kind of has a thing for you. Have a friendly conversation with her to increase your relationship.

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The next time you meet Melinda art the cafeteria, she tells you that someone stole her necklace. Both of you believe it s Gwen, so confront her to see what is going on. After you speak with Gwen, she gives it to you. Give it back to Melinda in conversation. Get Melinda up to 11 Love Points and she ll give you a blowjob. Raven s Events Lockdown. After speaking to Francine and her mission she gives you to reconnect communications with the outside of the camp, Raven comes in and tells you that she needs to communicate with Starfire and will help you on your mission.

Camp pine walkthrough

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