Car in hemlock grove

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Hemlock Grove is a hell of a town. Between the vampires, werewolves, mad scientists, and inseminating angels okay, so that one turned out not to be real last year's finale saw the town awash in the blood of countless characters.

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Some of those deaths stuck and some of them didn't Did we really think we'd seen the last of Olivia? Earlier this year I ed a few other online reporters in the creepy corners of the mysterious town - or at least I ed them on a sound stage in Toronto where Netflix built Hemlock Grove's key sets.

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While there we got to tour around many of these sets, including Roman's new house, the board room of Godfrey Institute, the secretive biomedical labs of the White Tower, and Destiny Rumacek's apartment. We even got to chat with new showrunner Charles "Chic" Eglee and a few key crew members about what's coming up in season two and the behind the scenes process of making Hemlock Grove the bloodiest town on TV.

Hit the jump to check out the 30 things I learned on set. No time to celebrate, either; this is the fourth-best or second-worst opening for a Daniel Craig James Bond film.

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Car in hemlock grove

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