Diapers under skirts

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See my archive Donate. Because you need to. It happens to everyone of all ages, and diapers are the best way to manage your little issue. Once you wet or mess your panties or boxers, that smell sticks around. Diapers are specifically deed to neutralize those odors and keep them contained until you are ready to change. Diapers are the bestest way to take care of this.

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Because diapers are so much better than panties or boxers. Can undies absorb multiple wettings and a large mess? Can they provide you comfort and peace of mind at night when you wet yourself while sleeping? Can they hide the fact that you just wet yourself in public? Can they hide odors that would give you away in an instant?

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Can they give you a place to relieve yourself on the road? After being presented by all these facts, how could you possibly think to reach for panties or boxers instead of a comfy diaper?? Diaper training is the way to go in this day and age, and I can help train you to become diaper dependent!

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The guide is based off of my own personal experiences, and contains details and tips not found anywhere else. Thanks for reading this article! Thank you, and stay padded! You never know when you might dribble again!

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Diapers under skirts

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