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The game was created by domestic developers, but in terms of graphic de, plot depth, versatility of gameplay and other parameters, it can give odds to the vast majority of games from eminent developers. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of a unique novel. The main character is a guy named Semyon.

Life seems to him gray, dull, meaningless. He is increasingly wondering about the meaning of his existence. He spends most of the day in the virtual world, earning a living by various side jobs and receiving "pocket" money from his parents. He does not want to go to a normal job, he cannot start his own business, and in general he does not find a place in his life.

And he constantly has the same dream, in which an unknown girl calls him with her outside the gate with the inscription "Owlet". He just can't understand what it is, but one day an acquaintance, his former classmate, offers to go to a meeting of graduates.

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Semyon reluctantly agrees to this event, but still allows himself to be persuaded to go out on this harsh winter day. Getting to his destination on the bus, Semyon falls asleep and wakes up in the summer in front of the gates of this very "Sovenka". The users will have to help Semyon figure out what kind of place it is, how he relates to him, where is the girl who called him. You can download the Android version of the game Uncensored Endless Summer on our website absolutely free! If you've never played a visual novel, then you should definitely give it a try, as it's a very exciting and unusual genre.

From the outside, it may seem a little boring and monotonous, since you only need to view the images, read descriptions for them, and also play various dialogues with a Everlasting summer uncensored patch of answers, which affect how the plot will develop further. You should not judge this genre solely by the cover - in fact, it has its own zest, enough of its own features that can give you hours of addicting gameplay. So first try, and then judge, moreover, among such short stories there are very different ones that will suit different ones.

For example, the project "Endless Summer", which was created by domestic developers, is very popular. This game managed to become incredibly famous not only in the territory of Russian-speaking countries, but also in the near and far abroad. And this article will answer the question that interests many Everlasting Summer gamers: "How to remove censorship?

Of course, everyone would like to immediately know the answer to the most important question of Everlasting Summer: How to remove censorship? After all, as mentioned earlier, visual novels are a very unusual genre that may not be to everyone's taste, especially if you are a fan of action-packed games filled with action.

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In "Endless Summer" this is not - there is only an incredibly convoluted story. So, your main character is a complete loser who did not finish his studies at the university, gets interrupted by occasional part-time jobs and spends all his time watching anime, reading manga and correspondence in thematic chats and forums.

And then one day he receives an invitation to a meeting of school graduates, gets on the bus and falls asleep. And he wakes up already at the gates of the mysterious pioneer camp, where his adventures begin. You have to build relationships with the residents of this camp, choosing for yourself the very one that you have never had. Naturally, things are not so simple, as you will have to constantly make the right choices in order to successfully complete the Everlasting Summer Official game.

You may be a little surprised by this fact, but you will need to complete the game many times to open all possible endings. Firstly, in the Everlasting Summer Official project, you first need to take turns with all the initially available heroines and get to the final with them.

After that, bonus heroes with their own endings will open, and then the final endings. And while doing so, pay attention to the fact that each of them offers you the most diverse thre of the future for your hero. There is a good and bad ending for every heroine, so you have to try hard to achieve a happy ending.

And, of course, it is worth paying special attention to the finals that open after passing the storylines with all the heroines. And here Everlasting summer uncensored patch can also finish the game both good and bad - it all depends on your choice.

Everlasting Summer is an incredibly fun project that will literally drive you crazy with its intricate storylines and incredible endings, good or bad. And now it's time to move on to the main question regarding the game Everlasting Summer: "How to remove censorship? But, unfortunately, in the original version they were removed with the help of censorship - thus, the player cannot see everything that the developers wanted to show.

That is why many gamers complain that they cannot get full satisfaction from this project.

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Accordingly, we urgently need to look for ways to bypass this censorship. In some cases, the developers themselves can help you, and sometimes you have to work on it yourself. In this article, you will learn about all the options that are suitable for the game Everlasting Summer.

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How to remove censorship in this project? This is what will be discussed below. To begin with, it's worth talking about what the developers of the game "Endless Summer" have done so that gamers can choose for themselves whether they want to look at obscene scenes or leave everything as it was. For this, a new version of the game was released, which received the serial 1.

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If you already have an original project, then you just need to download a patch that will improve your game client to the desired version. And then you can also take advantage of the necessary functions that the new version of Everlasting Summer provides. The game itself doesn't change Everlasting summer uncensored patch, but turning censorship on and off is reason enough to download and install this patch.

So, you have downloaded the game version 1. But what to do next? How do I get Everlasting Summer uncensored? To do this, you need to open the settings window and go to the second tab. There are several new options there, including toggle censorship. By putting a check in the right place, you activate the censorship liquidator, which will allow you to watch the game without any restrictions. However, it should be noted that this function does not always work - it is a pity, but this is really a drawback that has not been eliminated.

So if you're lucky, you can turn off censorship with one click. If not, you will have to look for other ways. But do not despair - the developers did not limit themselves exclusively to one item that allows you to get rid of the prohibitions. There is a code in the game Everlasting Summer that allows you to disable censorship. It should be noted right away that this code only works if you are playing with a gamepad - there is no corresponding key combination for the keyboard, so you have to use a joystick. So, you will need to use the following combination of buttons: press "up" twice, then press "down" twice, then press "left" and "right" twice in turn, and at the end finish everything by pressing the "B" and "A".

After activating this code, a notification should follow that everything went well, and censorship is now turned off. If you do not hear the al, you should try to enter the code again, and, if necessary, turn the game off and on again. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that none of the ways provided by the developers work for Everlasting Summer Steam. The version of the game often does not accept additional settings and codes, or the gamepad simply does not work for you, or maybe it basically does not.

What should you do then? Do not despair - there is always a way out. In this case, you can find a save made by another gamer in which censorship will already be disabled. This is the easiest and Everlasting summer uncensored patch reliable way. Saving can be done at the very beginning of the game precisely in order to turn off censorship, so that you can go through all the storylines on your own.

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But if you want something more, then it is unlikely that it will be a problem for you to find saves that will offer you a game completed to certain stages. For example, if you are unable to achieve a positive ending for a particular heroine, you can load your save and skip the moment that gives you trouble and does not allow you to continue the passage.

In any case, in Everlasting Summer, save games can be a real salvation for you, especially if you can't turn off censorship manually. Naturally, do not forget that the gamers themselves are trying to rectify the situation, while simultaneously offering other people their creations. So you can download a special modification that allows you to turn off censorship in the entire game with just one action.

You just need to download the desired mod to your computer, place it in the appropriate game folder and enable it. After that, censorship will disappear and you will no longer have any restrictions. However, please note that a single modification allows you to get only one single opportunity, which is activated at the very beginning and cannot be disabled.

If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs, and you want more features, then you need a modpack. Everlasting summer uncensored patch is a collection of several modifications selected by the creator of the pack, which is most often equipped with a special program that allows all these mods to be turned on and off manually during the game.

Everlasting summer uncensored patch

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