Fallout 4 super mutant serum

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Just a quick thought, but what if you could use Virgil's anti-FEV serum as a Syringer dart to turn Super Mutants back into people, even as just a slight chance? Or perhaps coat a little ballistic ammo in it.

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It would be hilarious in the middle of a battle to see a super mutant shrink into a confused and stupid human clutching a minigun, and all the mutants surrounding them to turn and start firing on them. To be clear, I have no idea how to make a mod along these lines pre-CK, but it seems like a fun way to introduce a little unpredictability. I know it took Virgil a few days to revert, but maybe he gets better at making it, or the low-level mutants turn quicker or something.

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Would mean setting up a new ammunition projectile, and a scripted effect of some sort, along with some visual effects to handle the actual NPC replacement - also the small matter of the human NPC that's being placed, you'd either need a generic pool of NPC's to be picked from, or some preset ones, which limits the uses of the weaponized serum. Story wise, you'd have to alter the narrative of the serum a bit, since the formula he created only worked on his particular strain of FEV.

It'd have to be an advanced version with some mutational properties of its own to be adaptive and effective against other strains. Fair bit of work, but the right modder s should be able make it happen.

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Could see a gas grenade version being used as well if it was possible. Any Mutant damaged by the "blast radius" gas cloud could present a chance of changing. It would seem to be impossible. Virgil's serum doesn't work as a spell, perk, or magical effect like the rest of the syringes do. Maybe with the GECK it could be possible to attach a script to change race. Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods. In Create .

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Fallout 4 Didn't Introduce a Super Mutant Cure - That's Been a Thing Since Fallout 1