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My review of the first season can be found here and my review of the second and third seasons can be found here. Prisma Illya is my favorite route of the Fate series for a of reasons. It has magical girlsit has good fights like the rest of the Fate entries, and, most importantly, it has Illya.

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In 3rei!! But enough about how much I love Illya. The main plot for this season directly follows the end of 2wei Herz! Miyu has been taken into another dimension by an unknown enemy, and Illya, along with the rest of the gang, are dragged into the parallel dimension too. In this season, Miyu is the damsel in distress rather than an active participant in most of what happens. Instead Illya and the gang come across two new allies who have their own reasons for wanting to take down the Ainsworth family who has captured Miyu.

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The first new character is one we actually met at the end of 2wei Herz! The second new character is Tanaka. Her screen time drops off for the second half of the season, but she appears to be important later on.

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The other new characters this season come in the form of the new enemy, the Ainsworth family led by Darius Ainsworth. Other members of the Ainsworth family include the son, Julian, the annoying daughter, Erica, and two other members whose exact relationships are unknown, Beatrice and Angelica. Of these, Beatrice and Angelica are important because they actively use class cards in order to fight against our main characters. Like the other seasons of the Prisma Illya series, I ended up giving 3rei!! The season also ended on a giant cliffhanger so there will hopefully be at least one more season of Prisma Illya in the future.

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Everything about 3rei!! There was more action, more Illya in various outfits such as Lancer, Saber, Rider, and Assassinand more yuri. The OP for Prisma Illya 3rei!!

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New Characters The first new character is one we actually met at the end of 2wei Herz! Illya vs.

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Fate kaleid yuri

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