Gay slave training guide

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There are many structures that human relationships can take. I trust that it goes without saying that I am referring to the voluntary kind of slavery that is both well-established and well-respected in the overall BDSM realm.

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I was trained to be a Master a little over twenty years ago. Since I am gay, I only write about all-male subjects. If you disagree with my views, feel free to post your own web site on the subject.

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There are three primary types of slavery, and most men will pick more than one--but there are NO hard and fast rules about this. So long as a Master and slave are open and honest about their needs and desires, all tend to find their way. The four general types of slavery are:. In a word: No. The motivations, structure, and goals of both roles are wildly different. Some over-simplified examples:. Please visit the National Human Trafficking Hotline for help or to report human trafficking. Actual slavery and indentured servitude have been illegal in the USA since the ratification of the 13th Amendment on December 6, Please read Gay slave training guide full text of our Disclaimers for more information.

Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, any slave who, in any matter within the jurisdiction of his Master's authority, knowingly and willfully—. Within the context of this Rule, dishonesty includes: misrepresentation, omission, fabrication, exaggeration, denial, lack of transparency, redirection, false recognition, broken promise, cover-up, hypocrisy, bait and switch, and living a lie. All slaves shall report their own violations of this rule to their Master, in addition to reporting violations of other slaves under the jurisdiction of their Master's authority, as soon as practically possible.

You are here: Home. What kind of man seeks to be a slave? Generally, I like to categorize the motivations of men who are attracted to serving a Master: Escapists : Men who seek to take a break from the pressures of their daily responsibilities or stress pressure. Frequently, these men are in positions of power or responsibility who want or need to feel powerless, helpless and controlled. Micawber : Men who seem never to get their lives together in any meaningful way. Whether stuck in a rut or whether they simply make all the wrong choices, they generally seek a Master to tell them what to do so that their lives improve.

Experimenter : Men who are into kink in general, and who seek to expand their experience. What kind of motivations do men have to be a slave?

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Over the years, I have found a few primary "motivations to be a slave": Positionally Motivated : Some slaves are "natural slaves" who will gladly serve a Master, regardless of who it is. They gain genuine joy from service. If solely motivated by the position of being a slave, the Master is vulnerable to feeling resentment due to a perception that the slave is not loyal to him, specifically.

Devotionally Motivated : Some slaves serve their Master because they are devoted to their specific Master. If solely motivated by devotion, this type of slave is vulnerable to losing faith in their Master if they find weakness or imperfection in their Master.

Often, this motivation is not transferrable to another Master. Transactionally Motivated : Some slaves serve their Master because it keeps a roof over their he and clothes on their backs. If solely motivated by housing, stuff, or money, the slave is vulnerable to losing his motivation in the event of a disturbance to the expected "compensation" for their service.

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What kinds of slavery are there? This type of slave will cook and clean, do your laundry, wash your car or any other type of service you require.

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Although this slave receives sexual gratification from service this slave may or may not have sexual interaction with their Master. Sex Slavery : Sex slaves are motivated by a desire to be used sexually by their Master--or by groups of Master's friends. Sex slaves care only about the sexual gratification of their Master or the other men to whom they submit. Most sex slaves are either in perpetual chastity or or only permitted to orgasm as a reward privilege granted by their Master.

Pain Slavery : Pain slaves are often thought of as masochists with a fancy title, but for a pain slave, the pleasure comes from being used by their Master in a way that brings pain to the slave and pleasure to the Master. Do NOT confuse this type of slavery with someone who is self-destructive or a danger to themselves. A pain slave finds joy in the overwhelming of his senses through pain, carefully administered by a Master. Are "slave" and "submissive" the same thing?

Remember Me. Log in. Slave's Greeting slave in greeting position : You are my Master, and i am Your Gay slave training guide. You are my owner, and i am owned by You. You command me, and i obey You. You are to be pleased, and i am to please You. Slave: Because You are my Master and i am Your slave. How may i please you Master? All Rights Reserved.

Gay slave training guide

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Slave Training: A Master’s Complete Guide to Training His Submissive