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Pato v3 exilio. Xaos Jax Teller. Thy Up to the discussion. Couple clicks, always free, fewerdark theme. Thread Tools. Nov 15, www. The famed rapper was so smitten that he dropped 'American Pie' star Shannon Elizabeth who was originally going to be cast as Eminem's love interest and flew Gina to L.

When she arrived on the set, Gina was a bit intimidated, "but I got there and everybody was nice. He was really, really polite and introduced himself. Nothing like you would expect. He was genuinely nice to me" declared Gina. According to some reports the pair got down and dirty under the sheets for what amounted to a 17 hour sexually fueled video taping. In fact after the st, rumors flew that the pair took their "act" offstage. Now, with her first music video under her belt, Gina is back to her regular schedule.

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In addition to past appearances in mainstream shows "The Sopranos" and "Third Watch," she does 10 movies a year for her adult film company, Pleasure Productions, dances all over the U. I recently had a chance to sit down with the Gina Lynn and asked her to give me the on what really went on with Eminem last week. Chaunce Hayden: Everyone is talking about you this week, all because you made a very sexual video with Eminem.

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Are you surprised by all the media attention you've been getting? Gina Lynn: Yeah, I didn't think Gina lynn interview would be that big of a deal. I think what has everyone talking is the circumstances surrounding the video. Actually, his best friend he calls "Proof" told me about that story.

What was it about you that made them dump a Hollywood star? I didn't get into it with them. Although Eminem told me it took him seven hours to track me down because I had no credits at the end of "Analyze That. But the problem was that the store had invested thousands of dollars in advertising to promote my appearance.

I didn't know what to do because being in the video was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. How did he eventually find you? He contacted Warner Brothers and they gave him a bunch of different casting agents in New York City, and I guess he called all of them. Eminem could have had anyone he wanted to play his lover in the video.

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But he chose you. Why do you think that is? I don't know, it's just so awesome! It's not real. I guess I'm just his type or something. He sent me first-class tickets to fly to L. So I guess you blew off the ing in North Carolina. Yeah, but they were nice about it, and it saved me that they had three other girls besides me. But even if I was the only girl they had, I probably still would have ditched it and gotten in a lot of trouble. Just like the lyrics from "Lose Yourself," you only get one shot. So tell me about the video.

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I play Eminem's girlfriend. In the first scene he catches me kissing another guy. I'm cheating on him. He runs up and beats the crap out of the guy I'm kissing. That was the first time I actually saw him. Up until that scene they had another guy on the set who looks just like Eminem called Particle.

Laughs Gina lynn interview funny, everybody thinks Particle is Eminem! What else happens in the video? There's another scene where Eminem and I are kind of drunk and we're walking down a hallway and he starts to dry-hump me against the wall. In the next scene I look like a wreck, and he pushes me out of the room and he throws my clothes at me and rips his necklace off of Gina lynn interview.

How did that feel? To be beat up by Eminem? It was really cool! I kept telling him to push me harder! At one point he actually hit me in the head with one of his shoes, and he kept apologizing and asking me if I was okay. To be honest, I felt like he was a little shy in front of me. The rumors are that Eminem has a crush on you.

I think he does. But you know he's back with his wife now. Why do you think he had a crush on you? There's one scene in the video where we're on the rooftop of the hotel and he's singing to me and the wind is blowing in my hair and we're real close, and that's when he gives me his necklace. What did he say when he whispered in your ear? He kept saying how much he liked my eyes.

He kept saying, "Oh, stop doing that with your eyes. I had that "Come f-k me look. Laughs He kept saying, "Stop it! When my manager asked him why he pulled away, he said, "Oh man, I'm back with my wife now! Do you think he was falling for you? He kept saying, "If you were my girl, I would be so jealous!

You wouldn't be doing what you do. He was definitely into me. Were you into Eminem as well? He's so cute! Of course! At one point Eminem and I walked by his hotel room and he asked me to come inside. He said, "Come on in! Because he had five big bouncers around him. They were really big scary-looking black guys! If it wasn't for those bouncers I would have gone in and messed around with him, but then he probably would have called me a whor- in his next song.

I definitely would have gone for it, though. My guess is he probably already thinks badly about me because I'm a p star. Well he couldn't think that badly of you. He went through a lot of trouble to have you in the video. I think he really liked my look and body. I'm not tall and I think he likes that. He seemed to have a problem with tall women.

He wanted to make sure that when I wore heels that I wasn't taller than him. How tall is Eminem? He's only about 5'8" and I'm only 5'2". So we were a good fit together.

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Tell me about the hour love scene between you and Eminem. The last scene we shot was Eminem and I in bed together.

Gina lynn interview

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