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Every Halloween looks the same: You swear that you're going to come up with something creative but end up lazily grabbing the first thing you find — an old hockey jersey stashed away in your closet, for example — and calling it a costume. While there's totally nothing wrong with taking the easy route, let be the year that you actually put effort into your Halloween look.

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Instead of going from zero to 60, take a look at these men's Halloween costume ideas that can be made at the very last minute we mean it. As you browse through these DIY Halloween costumesthink about what kind of look you're going for: something classic and cool Mister Rogersfunny and pun-filled a smart cookie or taken straight from pop culture Rip from Yellowstone.

While a lot of these guy-approved costumes are clever enough to stand on their own, some of these ideas make an even bigger impact when they're part of a group or couples costume. So, it's up to you whether you want to fly solo or partner up with your friends.

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You'll have a scary-good time either way. This also makes a great work appropriate costume as well!

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Suit up as Mr. Incredible, one of the most lovable superheroes, and fight off those monsters on Halloween night! The red and white stripe hat and sweater can be recognized anywhere. Everyone at the Halloween party will be blessed when you grace them with your punny presence. Spell out "blessing" with iron-on letters Hot guy dress up then craft a clever disguise with a fake mustache, glasses and cape.

Here comes the Men in Black! Pair your finest black suit with some slick shades to show everyone that you're on a mission — a mission to make sure the aliens at the party stay under control. Show people what matters most to you — smarts and sweets — by adhering a dozen cookie cut-outs to an old graduation gown. For a creative ode to your favorite activity going to the movies! You might want to keep a few extra candy boxes on hand to snack on throughout the night. John Dutton may be the main one to watch on Yellowstone, but all eyes are on Rip and Beth.

Even if you don't have a partner or best friend to play Beth's part, you can fly solo in this ranch-inspired getup. Get the tutorial at The Classic Concha ». Here's a book-inspired costume that avid readers will seriously appreciate. Take it back to high school literature class with this punny take on Grapes of Wrath : Pin purple balloons to a purple t-shirtwrite out the author's name in white stick-on letters and wear a leafy crown on your head. Bust out your favorite flannel and pair of overalls to make this last-minute costume come to life.

Nine years after its initial release, people are still talking about Fifty Shades of Grey — and rightly so. For a punny take on this steamy read, tape grey paint swatches — say, 50? Even without Happy Tree, this costume is still party material, especially when you carry around a paint palette all night long.

Stay classy and pour yourself a glass of scotch to take this classic Anchorman costume to the next level. To recreate, simply pick out your finest burgundy suit, Hot guy dress up your 'stache and give your hair some volume. Throw together this costume seconds before you head out the door by adding iron-on letters or black stickers to a white t-shirt.

Turn Halloween into DemoDay by dressing up in your ready-to-reno look with a drill, hammer or another tool of your choice.

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Next stop: Waco! Take inspiration from your favorite childhood juice with this pun-worthy costume, complete with a Hawaiian shirt and boxing gloves.

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Become an instant classic by sticking your face in a framed print of Grant Wood's iconic painting. The best part? You can wear whatever clothes you want — jeans, sweats, you name it. Make all of the party-goers swoon by showing up as one of TV's most-loved d, and well, men. To really commit to the costume, carry around three dolls that resemble the Big Three from This Is Us.

Now that you have a mini-me, you have even more reasons to play dress up on Halloween. Throw on a doctor's costume and dress your baby as a pepper Get the tutorial at Thinking Closet ». Take a note from Carson Daly's rocker getup from Halloween a few years back by layering a denim vest over a leather jacket for Bruce Springsteen's ature look. To really prove that you're "Tougher Than the Rest," wear as many bandanas as possible.

Elton John leans into the sparkle, color and maximalism in fashion. Take inspiration from Harry Styles' version of Elton by wearing a head-to-toe sequin look similar to the one Elton wore during his concert at Dodgers Stadium. The party host will love you if you show up in this costume. Because you can wipe up any spills or crumbs with Brawny paper towels a. Because you've always wanted to see what life was like as an '80s heartthrob. Celebrate your day off the Ferris Bueller way by layering a suede jacket over a coordinating sweater vest over a crisp white tee. Bring cheer to the Halloween party by dressing as everyone's childhood hero, Mister Rogers.

It's seriously simple to pull off: Pair any red cardigan with tan slacks. Step 1: Grab one of your closest Hot guy dress up. Step 2: Shop your closets. Step 3: Become one of Hollywood's most dynamic duos. Don't show up the party empty-handed. Stay on-theme by baking Mendl's famous courtesan au chocolat pastry and packaging it in a white box.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth ». Green spray paint turns thrift store finds into a costume to remember.

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Jim Spellman Getty Images. Ollie Millington Getty Images. Pay tribute to your favorite HBO show with this Winterfell-approved costume. Sword included.

Hot guy dress up

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