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Katawa Crash is a fan-made collision game which features characters from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo and various characters from other games and series. The game's concept was based on Nanaca Crash!! Original game is made using Flash and runs on PC browsers or as a stand-alone exe, unofficial Android port exists on Google Play.

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The objective of the game is to launch the main male protagonist of Katawa ShoujoHisao Nakaiinto the air and avoid him from slowing down to 0. Hisao has several characters that he can collide into, and specific characters have special effects that can either give a challenge to the player or help out in maintaining Hisao's speed. The game begins by clicking on a dial that dictates the trajectory and speed of Hisao during launch. The player must maintain a non-zero speed and avoid colliding into Shizune so that the game may continue, and the score is the total distance traveled by Hisao before hitting Shizune or reaching 0.

Hisao follows normal projectile trajectory by default.

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However, the player can control his movement by using two methods, both of which can only be used if Hisao is between 13 and 3 meters from the ground. There are several different events that can trigger in Katawa Crash.

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These range from basic speed boosts to strange and silly animations that affect Hisao's flight path, speed, and height ificantly. Katawa Shoujo Wiki Explore. Miyagi Mutou Nomiya Nurse Yuuko.

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Katawa shoujo controls

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