Maiden in black waifu

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She makes a strong and immediate first impression with her form-fitting black robes, which appear in some parts to be wound from a single strip of cloth, her long staff and her bare feet. You also get the sense of great sadness about her. All that said, you also get an occasional flash of some seriously endearing girlish innocence, most notably when you return to the Nexus and find her sitting on a step, idly and seemingly cheerfully swinging her legs while she waits for you. Truly a woman of mystery.

Another immediately striking aspect of the Maiden is her strong accent.

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Regardless of her origin, Muradasilova does an excellent job in portraying the Maiden as a haunting and mysterious yet compelling and attractive character — even if she does obviously fluff one of her lines that made it into the final game.

Specifically, they even chose to eschew an American English voice cast to add to the air of authenticity — most of the actors in the game are Scottish, with the obvious exception of Muradasilova. I was pleased to be proven wrong; it seems she was a fairly popular character to draw back when the game first came out, and there are still some artists occasionally paying tribute to her Maiden in black waifu.

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Waifu Wednesday: Maiden in Black