Mount and blade warband sex mods

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Mount and blade: Bannerlord sex mods? By aetumae, April 11, Therere tons of gameplay mechanics that would work incredibly well with sex mods - marriages, whoring, losing in combat, bribing, pacifying For those wondering, the mesh removal is quite simple.

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Edit the Skins. So far I'm liking it, no major complaints. I do see a couple things can be improved, though. Just stumbled across this 15 minutes ago, and thought Id link it up to all you pervs here, as well. It seems to be a Diplomacy-based Warband Forever free and open source! A standalone module based on Dickplomacy that expands features!

I was hoping for something akin to skyrim's sexlab defeat for when you lose a battle but then I realized that it could probably only be possible While I would prefer Warband, the Mount and Blade series seems ripe for some form of lewd mod. Medieval times with raiders and Hi everybody. I know Mount and blade Bannerlord is not out yet and then, we do not know if it will be easy to create mods for it, but I was Yes, I know its a buggy glitchy mess.

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Yes I know its early access and every change will most likely break mods. However, I still think a mod like I was thinking View File Forever free and open source!

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In fact, modding mount and blade is actually pretty hard and pretty insular. You can't edit other peoples mods unless you have their source, I am curious if anyone knows of any adult modding that may or may not be going on with this title? Calradia is a pretty dark and gritty world Any one planning on working for mods for bannerlords? It looks like its pretty open for modding.

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Im planning on working on Amazon kingdom. Or better yet, adult mods integrated with other mods like Floris?. I remember playing a mod where your character would get raped if you got defeated, but i simply can not find it.

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Ive tried Warphilia, Warwolf Today - Yesterday - Total. Mount And Blade Loverslab.

Mount and blade warband sex mods

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Persuasion Overhaul now with Sex! Thread - Mercantilism Mod for Mount & Blade: Warband