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Ok first of all, I feel like Neferpitou is dumbed down to being a "cute cat girl" which is far from reality. The thing about her that I love the most is her sympathetic nature and her ability to be so in touch with her emotions even though she is just an ant. One of the things I hate is when people see that she killed Kaito and immediately discard all her beautiful qualities.

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Like all other guards she has undying loyalty and would easily sacrifice herself for the king. I feel like Neferpitou is a great representation to someone who is not nice but truly kind. If you think about it this way, from the moment she was born she wasn't taught morals. She may have had the intellectual ability but emotions were never taught to the chimera ants. As the story progresses, just as Meruem is discovering love and humanism, Neferpitou is too.

I was so impressed and awestruck during the scene where Neferpitou starts crying when Meruem says he's counting on her. I could just feel her strong emotions through the screen and ngl it made me cry as well.

I feel like for the first time Neferpitou truly understood the weight of feelings and more specifically the feelings of someone she loves. Another scene that was absolutely breathtaking for her character was when Gon was about to kill her and she said "If anyone had to bear the brunt of his rage, I'm glad I was the one to die.

Most villans go out with anger or fear but Neferpitou goes out feeling almost grateful. Neferpitou x reader an interesting scene. The fact that Neferpitou was able to sympathize with Gon is incredible because again, morals and humanism were never taught to the chimera ants. Overall Neferpitou is such a deep and interesting character, one I might even say can go against the king himself.

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I love her so much and in the span of a few episodes she really changed my opinion of her. For example, you water the flowers or take care of the garden and pantry. And the second thing was, you smelled really, like really good. Of course, Meruem has every right to touch you or order you something, but if Pouf, Youpi, or some stranger is too close Neferpitou x reader you I think a cat-looking ant can beat them up or push them away very hard and then hug you very tightly. Their hugs are always tight, pleasant, and soothing. Could I request a scenario where Pitou implies mating in the future with the reader?

I loved those headcanons you wrote and after reading the post I was thinking about something you mentioned; that after the King's dead, the reader would become Pitou's priority and since mating is kinda in the chimera ants nature I think Pitou might think about it, specially if the reader becomes that important to them.

My light, the reason for my existence and my world. Neferpitou thought while looking at you. It was an ordinary day like any other day, but today it felt extraordinary, from the moment Pitou opened their eyes to look at you laying peacefully next to them. So peaceful, so trusting.

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They thought as they brought you closer to them. They wanted you to be much closer than that, to breathe you in and to suffocate in your world.

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Nothing was disturbing your peace, and Pitou continued to stare at your resting form. Their head deep in thoughts, remembering all the states they saw you in. And their favorite had to be when you laid underneath them with a content smile on your lips, heat on your face, and your body exposed to their eyes only. If only you knew how much Pitou thought you resembled an angel, more than that.

In your most divine state. A thought that makes their breath hitch slightly, increases their heartbeats. The image of you going on with your daily life, your tummy heavy with the future Pitou wanted. It felt so right yet a hint of wrongness was visible, a small ray but it was there indeed. You were happily humming a love song -you made Pitou listen to your favorite songs- and you were dusting the library with your flowy dress dancing to the tune you were humming.

Did you know the effect you had on Neferpitou? And if you did, were you using your power to tease them, that you knew you had their heart on the palm of your hand? Pitou shaking their head at you and resting it in your collarbone. It was severely unusual for Pitou to be quiet, not even teasing you or insisting that the two of you play a game. Which le you to scan their body language. Pitou always loved physical touch, but today it has increased. Could it perhaps that they were missing their life? Did the guilt eat them up today?

Neferpitou watched you, not blinking not even for a second, and their hold around your Neferpitou x reader tightening. Your army and they will all serve you and serve you only. But maybe today is not the day to tell you this. Still, they will tell you everything with much more details that will leave your face heated. Neferpitou was still in the high of their hot thoughts and when you tried to stand up, they pulled you down. Wordlessly, Neferpitou's fingers trailed your thigh and reached under your thin dress. Their hand flattening on your upper thigh; gripping with sudden force and eliciting a silent gasp out of you.

Pitou kissed your jaw, and with the way, you hugged them closer. Pitou turned feral, Neferpitou x reader left hand coming underneath your dress to grip on your hip. Since I realized that pitou stans are actually more than I have imagined I just thought I would share my thoughts and u guys tell me what you think.

Not to be a heartless bitch but this is my geniune thoughts. I believe they will seek revenge and try and flip the whole world because the world destroyed them. Request: YES! Their king died, and so did all of the royal guards. But they died while trying to protect the king. They will be tremendously depressed. If they faced Gon they would know how much they screwed up, so they would go into hiding.

So if they do fall in love with you after the loss they just encountered, they would cling to you and refuse to let you away from their sight. If Neferpitou x reader made them angry or sad they would sulk away and refuse to talk to you for days, however a gentle head scratch and a lovely kiss on top of their head would solve it all.

Nevertheless, this is not the case for jealousy. They could not handle it well if you even decided to look at someone else. So you should learn how to direct their attention to something else. And if something happened to you, they will lose faith in humanity. And will seek revenge. When it comes to you they never think you do mistakes or harm anyone or anything. But overall, it can easily be altered if you expressed your thoughts. They view themselves as someone who was born to guard and to serve. And because the king died you are the new target to that position.

To their heart at least. How did they even manage to get into this? ly looking around for one of those special humans, only to stumble upon an unconscious, injured woman. Neferpitou would most likely ponder between killing the poor thing right there, or simply letting her bleed out to death and looking for those who could truly satisfy the king.

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Getting to know Pitou was surprisingly easy, since they were extremely open with their interests and work. Run away? Just the thought of it was able to crack them up. They used to think only of survival, and their ased role in life. They never thought much of what it meant to live. They never thought much of how little touches on the surface of the water could create lasting ripples, and how much could change from so little. But they now found themselves isolated, a subject without a King, with a young frail girl as their only companion - and their new charge in life, their new goal to ascribe a duty to protect onto.

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He's not altogether pleased with it. Hisoka is a floor master at Heaven's Arena and has the unexpected pleasure of spending time with one of his oldest acquaintances. He doesn't share Illumi's frustrations. View Full. I'm sorry if this was too long Got carried away Now I'm wondering about how exactly the Chimera Ants work as a colony Anyone has a theory?

Could you make cuddling headcanons with Pitou? A lot fluff plz! Warnings; slight-nsfw, possessive Pitou, mentions of death. And Pitou would have the satisfaction to be the one to lead them all to protect you. HunterXHunter Hunter X Hunter hunter x Neferpitou x reader headcanon hunter x hunter x reader hunter x hunter x you hunter x hunter imagines Neferpitou neferpitou x reader neferpitou x fem!

And as ironic as that is, the only way to fix it is to have a human lover. What if Pitou was the only one who survived? And they happened to fall for a human. HunterXHunter Hunter X Hunter hunter x hunter headcanon hunter x hunter x reader neferpitou x reader Neferpitou neferpitou x fem! I won't say it! Hisoka and Illumi are no different.

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