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Girls can choose to participate in the online sale, the order card sale, or both. The nuts and candy are delicious and deed specifically for the Girl Scouts, and the magazine sale is a great opportunity to renew your favorites or try something new! Please read our guidelines for returning to in-person Girl Scout gatherings before participating in the Fall Product Program.

As the risks associated with the pandemic continue to change, we will modify these guidelines accordingly. DO NOT enter online girl-delivered products. Click "Update" and make sure the totals match. There is no submit button! Orders are transmitted Nuts mag girls fulfillment automatically after the cutoff date. If a girl does not turn in money at scheduled time, do not place her order. Orders should not be placed unless payment has been received by the troop. Money for all online orders shows as already paid to council and final ACH will be adjusted for the troop to earn proceeds on these sales.

We recommend you only take checks from people you know and are comfortable contacting if there is a problem.

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The Care to Share Program is a great way for customers to give back to our troops! In-depth volunteers will receive an invitation from M2 that explains how to access the site and get Nuts mag girls. If you have not received an invitation to access the M2OS site by September 14,please visit www. If you need further assistance, please contact your service unit product manager or M2 Customer Service. We are excited to tell you about the two Product Programs your daughter is eligible to participate in each year: the Fall Product Program and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

The program begins on September 17, with online sales continuing until October 31, Girls have the option to sell in-person, online, or both. With deliveries just before the holidays, these make great gifts! As a currently registered Juliette an individually registered girl who works on her own either by choice or while waiting to be placed in a troopyour daughter is able to participate in Girl Scout Product Programs. Participating in the Fall Product Program is fun and a great way to earn money to fund her Girl Scout experience.

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The money she will earn from her Product Program sales is placed in a special fund just for Juliettes. All of the materials you will need to participate in the Fall Product Program can be found here on our website. If you would like your Juliette to participate, or you have any questions about the Fall Product Program, please contact the Product Team Nuts mag girls productsales gsmaine.

How long does it take to send? I am a volunteer and have a daughter participating. Can I use the same address for my volunteer and girl s? One of my girls received an online girl-delivered order that the family is unable to deliver. How do I remove it? About Girl Scout Cookies. Online girl-delivered items should not be re-entered. You will be notified of your pick-up time by your service unit fall product manager. Leaders must enter any orders not entered by parents into M2OS.

Your access will prompt you to create a password to access your M2OS Volunteer. If you are a returning user, using your existing credentials. You will be prompted to complete certain information, as applicable—watch a short system training video, enter a mailing address, create your Avatar, and send access s to the participants in your troop.

You will receive a welcome with contact information for your service unit supervisor. Complete M2OS system training. Girls create their personalized storefront in M2OS and send s to friends and family.

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Girls cannot begin online registration until the sale launch date. Deposit all cash and checks from in-person orders with the KeyBank deposit slip you received in your packet. Orders will NOT be entered into M2 if payment is not complete. Deposits should be Nuts mag girls no later than October 31, Turn in a copy of your order form to your service unit supervisor by October 31, Turn in the pink deposit slip and validated bank receipt from KeyBank to your service unit supervisor by October 31, Product will be delivered to service units on November 18, You will be asked to count to make sure you received everything you needed and will need to saying all was received.

When you register online, you can track your progress and select rewards as you earn them. Rewards are automatically calculated. Please note that rewards will take hours to update after adjustments have been made to products sold. Troops must have a bank. Contact your Volunteer Support Specialist for additional details or assistance.

Payment is collected at the time of ordering; make checks payable to Girl Scouts of Maine. Deposit all money into your troop bank and keep all receipts! Amount owed to the council will be deducted via an ACH debit on November 17, Amount due is calculated automatically in M2OS. You will see an overview of all sales and proceeds information for your troop. Money for all online orders shows as already paid to the council and the final ACH will be adjusted for the troop to earn proceeds on these sales.

Access s will not be sent to the participants until the launch date of the sale. You will be notified upon as to which you are ing Nuts mag girls to. Access s here: Volunteers Girls One of my girls received an online girl-delivered order that the family is unable to deliver. This cancellation MUST be completed before the sale end date. You will be able to see a list of pre-ed girls. Any girls not pre-loaded can simply register here once the sale begins.

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They will then be added automatically to your troop roster. Girls can launch their s on September 17, Please note that the system will not accept any early participant activity; girls must wait until the sale launch date. Participants can enter their own paper orders into their s through November 1, If they do not enter their orders, you will need to do so through your volunteer. Troop Guide Supervisor Guide.

Nuts mag girls

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