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Switch to Print View - 6 posts. I think this is my favorite pantyhose story of all time. It's from an issue of Leg Tease I bought back in the 90s, and I wanted to share it with y'all. It's pretty long, but worth the read. Dear Victoria, I really love your magazine and I especially love the letters from readers that relate their first experiences with leg and feet.

My curiosity, raging hormones and a great pair of legs all collided in the form of a lovely blonde Social Studies teacher. Miss Van Deventer was young, in her mids and a fairly new teacher. She was what the romance novelists call "willowy" with long limbs and shoulder length, sun streaked, blonde hair. That hair framed a fashion model worthy face highlighted by expressive green eyes Pantyhose feet stories an All-American smile. She seemed incredibly tall to me as a boy, but I realize now she was around 5'8" and her two inch heels were part of why she looked so tall.

Of course, Pantyhose feet stories heels also helped make her spectacular legs all the sexier. She wore short skirts and dresses, which was the fashion of the day, and she wore them with a great deal of style. She wasn't busty, just a nice slender figure, yet my first sexy memory of her involved her bra. One day, Miss Van Deventer bent over my desk to show me something in the text book and her pink blouse sagged open right at my eye level to reveal, ever so briefly, the treasures within. Her firm rounded breasts were held in a lacy white bra and she had tan lines from a swimsuit.

This short peek, combined with the intoxicating scent of her perfume, caused a strange stirring in my penis and an overall flush that made uncomfortable, but also excited But like the other boys, it was her legs that held my attention when I should have been thinking about social studies.

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Her short skirts were always well above the knees and when she would stand writing on the chalkboard her fantastic ass would sway just enough to make her skirts dance and our eyes would follow her jiggling hemline. It didn't take long to become obsessed with her long silky legs in her light colored pantyhose. In the 70's there weren't as many bold colors, and Miss Van Deventer's luscious stems were usually encased in nude, taupe, tan or coffee shades. Once in a great while, she would be found in white or black - in the winter and I'm guessing they were actually tights - but the sight of it was Pantyhose feet stories to us young lust crazed students.

We eyed her every chance we got and the talk at lunch time was always about her clothes and her "pretty" legs. I think what we all really meant was "goddess-like, I-love-you-Miss Van Deventer-I'll-do-anything-for-you" legs. Well, eventually my inability to shut up in class got me a detention from her, and I was looking forward to it with both glee and dread.

Glee that I would be alone with her in the class room, and dread that I might have "disappointed" this glorious angel - who I had long since begun to idealize and fantasize about being her boyfriend. It was a good day to have a detention. Miss Van Deventer had worn a red blouse with a charcoal patterned blazer and a typically short black skirt. She looked great. She had on matching black pumps as well.

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When I arrived she was sitting at her desk grading papers Pantyhose feet stories the blazer was over the back of the chair. Her hair which has been pulled back in class, was now down loose to her shoulders. She looked fantastic. She fixed me with a stare of those green eyes and informed me that my job would be to clean the desk tops.

Ours was an old school building and this third floor classroom had a wooden walk in closet on the side that backed under the stairwell. She directed me to it where there were paper towels, cleanser and scrub bucket. I was to get the writing and ink and smudges off as many desks as I could until my detention was over. Seeing her sexy thighs and calves in profile behind the desk, flexed sensually back under her chair had already disturbed me. However, I went to work at the task and stole glances her way whenever I could do so. For her part she, seemed too intent on her grading to pay any mind to me or my work.

At one point, she sighed and stretched, leaning back in her chair and arching her back with raised arms. In doing this her blouse pulled tight across her moderate breasts and made her buttons pull and gap. It also made the blouse tight on her shoulders where the outline of her brassiere straps showed through the silky looking material. I felt my crotch tingle at the thought of her underwear. In time, I made my way to the left side of the room where I had a better sidelong view of the open side of Miss Van Deventer's desk, and thus, her legs.

She had Pantyhose feet stories to a kind of three quarters position, with her chair out from the desk somewhat to stretch her elegant legs. Her left leg was bent under the chair and her shoe was dangling off her heel as she hung her ankle over the chair rung. Her fabulous right leg was stretched out alongside the desk more or less, with her shoe toe pointed straight, in this way her sweet calf was taut and stretched out. Miss Van Deventer leaned on her desk on her left elbow and casually made marks with her red pen on some unfortunate classmate's paper.

I cleaned a desk with the best cross view of her and then made sure to bend down to wring more cleanser on the sponge. Doing this put my face below the desk level enough to stare blatantly at Miss Van Deventer's legs with less chance of being caught. And it was there!! Because of her short skirt and her casual, almost careless posture in the seat, I could see well up the inside of her skirt along that precious nylon covered thigh to a light colored beacon under her pantyhose that could only be her panties.

I felt faint. My heart pounded and my poor penis was bulging painfully in my jeans, in fact my crouch position was only making it worse on my rigid pecker which was jammed up against my fly and belt buckle. From here I could also see her heel reinforcements on her left foot, and I nearly gasped out loud when her heel fell off, and she flexed her toes and arch while feeling around for it with her foot.

I required relief and relief fast. I thought about asking to go to the bathroom, but that Pantyhose feet stories have brought me face to face with her, and to have sweet Miss Van Deventer see my obviously hard rod was too embarrassing for me. She was very much engrossed in her work, so I made some bit of a scene about using my last paper towel and then I high-tailed it back to the closet with my bucket and sponge to get more towels.

Once inside the closet I was free from her view and I quietly loosened my belt and snap to open my fly. My wang was making quite a tent in my underwear and I squatted down by the supply shelf and slipped my hand into my briefs to wrap my fist around it. She was looking so great! My mind was racing with the image of her crotch in my mind, I wondered what color and style her panties actually were.

I thought about touching her legs and what the pantyhose would feel like. I squeezed my wiener harder and thought about the way her skirt swung when she walked in class. I thought I was being fast, but I wasn't. It must have been minutes and I must have been really into my fantasy, because I never heard the heels.

When Miss Van Deventer's shadow passed over me, I literally jumped. She made a surprised gasping sound, and I stumbled up out of my crouch, trying desperately to close my pants.

Pantyhose feet stories

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