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I Spit on Your Grave. Verified Purchase. I don't normally like remakes, but the I Spit on your Grave remake is really well done. I've seen the original and this one definitely tops it.

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The acting is fantastic. The scenes are obviously very memorable, but also extremely graphic. If you're the least bit squeamish, don't watch this. But if you can handle the subject matter, I highly recommend it. And if you've seen and liked the original, definitely watch this remake too.

It doesn't tarnish the first one at all. I think it's noticeably better and stands on its own. When the original I Spit On Your Grave came out init was so graphic and violent that it was banned from theaters and television. They'd planned to release this one in theaters but due to its NC rating, they decided to Sarah butler rape scene with the unrated direct-to-video method. This brutal and horrific story is about a writer who goes to a cabin in the woods, to write her next book, when she becomes the victim of a horrible crime.

She survives, but decided it's not justice she wants, it's revenge. I loved this film, because it's something that could actually happen, and when it's a realistic film, no matter how graphic, I find it to be that much more terrifying. If you have a weak stomach, avoid this one, because when I say it's graphic, it is ridiculously so! There is no way they ever would have been able to trim this down to an R rating for theaters, it's that brutal. Personally, I love films like this, the more graphic and realistic, the better, however many Sarah butler rape scene don't agree and most critics claim the film made them physically ill.

My suggestion, check it out and decide for yourself! A move that had the power to keep me glued to the television screen, not wanting to go to the I really enjoyed this movie! I think that we humans typically love watching movies because in those moments we are transported into a completely new dimension of experience. When the movie has the power to stimulate our emotional cords and keep us at the edge of our seat, wide-eyed, then it is definitely a good movie. A move that had the power to keep me glued to the television screen, not wanting to go to the restroom, even though I had the ability to press the pause button!

The movie starts off with a beautiful young woman who just wants to get out where there are no disruptions,distractions or interuptions; away from the hustle and bustle of the city, simply to concentrate on writing her next novel. On her way to the cabin that she rented, she has to stop and pump gas. As she pumps gas she attempts to get help with directions from the guys who are attending the gas station.

Being a small town where there is nothing to do, the attendants seem a little odd, not familiar with outsiders or how to interact with them. They find out where she is staying and end up showing up and violating her. The rape scene is very intense, lasts for quite some time and can be rather disturbing, definitely not easy to watch. Yet, as I continued to watch, I started to realize exactly what the movie producer was doing, why he or she was giving so much emphasis to that particular scene.

The length and violent nature of that scene helps to build this tension within the viewer, this sense of acute anger, of frustration, this sense of wanting to do something to help her this poor girl. The scene completely pulls you in and you totally forget that it is only a movie; and that is the magic of a good movie! What you feel for the perpetrators is the catalist, the primer that enables you to enjoy the sweet revenge that is surely to come during the rest of the movie.

I was amazed at the ingenuity that the girl expressed in her contraptions, deed to get each of her perpetrators back for what they did to her. I won't give away the details, but I loved the last revenge plot, and how she executed her payback. What made it really cool and interesting was that she got her chance to say back to them,to each one of her attackers, exactly what they had said to her as they were raping her and she pleaded for her life.

I hope that I didn't give out too much, but this is definitely a movie that I recommend for adults who want a good nail-bitter to watch! Lead actress Sarah Butler is simply phenomenal in her role as the protagonist I must preface this by saying that before this movie's remake was released, I wasn't even aware that there was an original version.

Thus, I'm not going to arduously analyze which one is better, more shocking, influential, et cetera ad nauseam, but am going to treat this as the fantastically brutal film that it is in and of itself. Lead actress Sarah Butler is simply phenomenal in her role as the protagonist Jennifer Hills, a young writer who seeks solace in a remote cabin Sarah butler rape scene seek inspiration for her creative writing. Very early in, she is emotionally, physically, and finally sexually assaulted by a ragtag band of rednecks including a mentally challenged man Chad Lindberg, perhaps the best performance aside from Butler's and a local police officer.

Anyone lucky enough to not know the plot of the original classic will be wonderfully surprised, as Hills proceeds to hunt down, torture, and kill her perpetrators by the most hideous and imaginative of ways. Suffice it to say, even lovers of brutal horror and gore films will be challenged here. The brilliant cinematography yields sickening special effects, and the bloody scenes will remain with you long after you sit down to watch. The inevitable rape scene, though necessary to fuel the viewer's rage and hate at Hills' attackers, is difficult to sit through for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the deep vulnerability of Hills prior to that horrifying event.

If you can persist past that scene, however, you are in for a treat - not since the recent movie Taken have I been so fired up at the response of the film's victim to obstacles, and not since Hostel have I been so pleased by the of the torture Hills inflicts on those which have inexplicably drawn her to unending rage and madness.

All in all, this film is a delight, but for the most stalwart of fans: disturbing, sickening, and redeeming, all in its own right. I Spit on Your Grave indeed! Critic V. Musetto reviewed I Spit best: "If you can handle it, see it. But, whether viewing the or version, a viewer more appreciates this story than enjoys it.

I Spit on Your Grave is an admirable work. It updates Day of the Woman for current audiences and culture. Day of the Woman needs to be occasionally retold. I compliment a film willing to do that well. I compliment Sarah Butler and the other actors for taking on such brave roles.

Director Steven R. Munroe has obviously much respect for Meir Zarchi's work.

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And, mutual admirers will appreciate Munroe enhancements. For example, in this version, Jennifer has a good reason not to call the police. About the version, audiences have asked constantly "Why the hell doesn't she just call the police?! Both versions should exist. Butler's Hills provides more of a tale of warning. And, Munroe's remake expands upon the rapists' personal lives to make the audience more sympathetic to them.

These criminals are not Others from the backwoods; they are potentially a person's neighbors. Finally, the DVD's scene titles pay homage to this controversial classic. The Rape of Jennifer Hills is an alternate title for this film, and it is the chapter title for the rape scene. Appropriately, Day of the Woman is the chapter title for Jennifer's revenge, when this wronged woman has her vengeful day.

A brief making-of documentary provides good information, not just fluff. The disk has trailers for other films--including, of course, the original I Spit. Plus, viewers get deleted Sarah butler rape scene. Standard stuff, but well-done. She deserves major kudos for transporting herself to such a desolate place. I Spit on Your Grave is what it is! If you are curious and have the wherewithall - give it a look. First of all, I have never seen the original though I have seen trailers.

As I stated, many people will not want to watch this film. I read many of the reviews written here, and, as always, I respect the reviewers opinions. I will say that I feel this movie is very, very well made, for it's type! While it is graphic, it does not wallow in gore! The rape scene does seem to last a long time, as one viewer put it, but there is surprisingly little nudity involved.

Yet, it is one of the most gut wrenching I have ever experienced on film, you feel such sympathy for the victim. As another viewer asked why make this film, and I say why make any film? I have got to say, that the revenge rendered is sweet, and well, maybe a little "elaborate" for such a backwoods location.

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It was also well acted - particularly our heroine! This is the first " I spit on your grave " movies I saw. I subsequently watched the versions of it not because of the realistic brutality portrayed. She writes, we read. The horrors inflicted upon her are unspeakable but she manages to effect punishment on her tormentors. Some would say, "Well she is no better than the ones she reverse tormented" But I say They will no longer inflict pain suffering and death upon anyone in the future.

Case closed I don't want to give anything away but I do want to articulate that Sarah butler rape scene had some really creative scenes. The first minutes includes some very vile and graphic depictions of degradation The first minutes includes some very vile and graphic depictions of degradation which was disturbing especially for a first time viewer because you had no idea what was going on.

But you will be rooting for the main protagonist as the movie progresses. Sarah Butler gave an utterly believable performance because her emotions ran the gamut of a to z. And I am quite certain she would have been nominated for the AA if the academy didn't look the other way as far as horror is concerned.

Sometimes justice serves those that serve themselves, though.

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I Spit On Your Grave 2 was like that. The revenge scenes were so lame on the part 2. The first one was awesome. The revenge scenes were real revenge, not one of those that are spoiled with feelings of guilty or righteousness. Read other reviews that mention spit on your grave rape scene sarah butler last house house on the left hard to watch better than the original camille keaton meir zarchi well done much better day of the woman good movie subject matter second half gas station low budget faint of heart revenge scenes mentally challenged. I'd imagine die-hard fans of the original might be disappointed in the same way remakes of almost I'll start off by saying I never saw the original.

I'd imagine die-hard fans of the original might be disappointed in the same way remakes of almost ANY Movie would be disappointed regardless of how good it was.

Sarah butler rape scene

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