Sarah michelle gellar call of duty

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the four survivors in Call of the Dead. Her player indicator color is white shared with Tank Dempsey and John F. She is part of George A. While filming on set at an abandoned lighthouse, real zombies appeared and snatched Romero away. The four actors teamed up and fended off against the undead. Romero later resurfaced, as a half-zombie. While fighting, the four celebrities encountered Tank Dempsey, Nikolai BelinskiTakeo Masakiand Edward Richtofenwho were mistakenly teleported into a room inside the lighthouse.

Gellar and the rest of the celebrities helped Richtofen retrieve a golden rod. Afterwards, Richtofen and the other three teleported to Shangri-Laleaving behind the Wunderwaffe DG-2 for the celebrities. In the Call of Duty: Black Ops III map, Revelationsit is revealed through Sally, George Romero's assistant, that Gellar, along with the rest of the Call of the Dead cast and crew, had gone missing for six weeks since the events that took place, their whereabouts and status remain unknown to the rest of the world.

Her, along with all other characters and areas in the zombies multiverse were erased when Nikolai used the Agarthan Device. Call of Duty Wiki Explore. Cold War. Weapons in Multiplayer Weapons in Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Sarah michelle gellar call of duty

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