Sims weight gain story

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Here we go! The story of how I got into gaining weight.

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Fetishes should be more normalized! But I always had a funny feeling when watching weight gain episodes on cartoons Totally Spies I see you!! So this theme of gaining weight had always sparked my interests. As I got older and connected that sexual feeling to this, it was a blessing and a curse.

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I was extremely embarassed watching videos of fat girls playing with their bellies, and tried to block out these feelings as much as possible. I was extremely cautious, never even made any s on websites, I basically made sure I left NO trace whatsoever on sites related to this.

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I could NOT handle anyone finding out about this and punished myself for thinking these thoughts. Yet I still always came back to this fetish.

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Immediate regret right after though. All of that changed when I met my current boyfriend my feeder. We had been friends for about 4 years before we started dating. So I decided to keep this secret and take it to the grave. After that conversation, we decided to get me to gain a liiiittle bit of weight on purpose.

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Just to get a little butt and bigger boobies. So eventually I confessed and found out we shared the same fetish that we had been hiding from eachother for aaaages. At first I planned on gaining just a little bit, since weight gain is such a scary and taboo topic and I had always been skinny. As I gained more, I started getting more comfortable with the idea and got less scared of judgment and felt more in control of my OWN life and OWN body.

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And this lovely, supportive community is definitely helping me out a lot. Just seeing wherever life takes me, as long as I stay healthy, comfortable and confident! See mochiiprincess's whole Tumblr.

Sims weight gain story

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