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Alisha just barely misses, fingers brushing against the fabric of her outfit, and Rose smirks. Thank you so much for writing this amazing fanfic! Alisha was a light sleeper. It came from years of knight training, being ready to wake up and move at the slightest hint of trouble. But in her role as a princess, and a high-ranking politician, it was a useful trait. So no matter how fluffy her bed was, nor how quiet the night, the slightest disturbance- the clack of an opening window, the creak of a door- and some part of her would wake.

Alert, ready to reach for the dagger by her bedside. Her guards were capable, and with newfound peace descending over Greenland, there were fewer and fewer instances where Alisha would ever find herself in danger while she slept. So it was that most of her nights passed without her waking from her light slumber, undisturbed any interruptions.

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She woke at the click of the lock. It was followed by the shuffle of cloth as the key was put away, the soft creak of the door hinge as someone stepped into the room.

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Quiet, hesitant steps upon marble floor- a familiar cadence that Alisha knew all too well. Even though the bed was comfortably warm and she could easily return to the lull of sleep if she so chose, she tensed at the approaching steps, held her breath in anticipation. The bed creaked as the intruder climbed onto the mattress. Alisha huffed. Opening her eyes, she looked out the window. Moonlight still poured into her chamber, but judging from the position of the moon in the sky.

Keep reading. It will be held from Monday, November 30th to Sunday, December 6th. Prompts can be found above - one day for every meaningful place Flynn and Yuri have made memories in. Credits to fontasticcrablettes for their help with the de! Sormik Week and sormikweek. For Day 1 of sormikweek! Sormik is Canon.

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Just a couple who obsess over these 2 gay nerds. Navigate about. But there was one exception. They lay there in a silent tableau, their breaths synchronizing in the quiet night.

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