Theon fingers his sister

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Yara was Cersei fucked up here, Theon was disgusted finding out he fingered his sister, he didn't remember what she looked like, he tells her last time he saw her she looked like a little boy or something. Put real incest in a show containing lots of fake incest. Theon kinda forgot he had a sister so she was just kinda waiting for him down there.

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We felt like it wouldn't be right to not include this. Yara is fucking cool. I wish there was more of her in the show Less brother sister finger banging but more of her. Both are gross but I guess finger because there's no actual sex. And Yara just. Went with it for the lulz and well, hey, maybe Theon was really good with his fingers She fondles him thru his pants, sets his hormones ablaze, and continues to impress him with her mental abilities as well, when they're going over ship crews. He makes absolutely terrible flirts before he finds out who she is.

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They didn't, actually. Lily Allen perpetuated that rumor and it was shot down. Found the internet! Let's not forget when Theon tried to finger his sister. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. She let him succeed!

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The way I remember he did. Continue this thread. Why though, did she think it was funny or actually enjoyed it? The good old days.

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Finger your sister or fuck your aunt? Which is hotter? And the last time he got to use his toy. No, fortunately he didn't use his dick on her. Nope, that was at Winterfell, with the Wilding gal. I'd like to forget it if you don't mind.

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Pretty sure that Theon actually bangs his sister in the book. More posts from the freefolk community.

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Theon fingers his sister

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