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Uncut Casting Services. Mar Uncut casting services, California. Get a free quote from this professional. Great company! Very hard working staff! In three years with Uncut, this is my assessment. Yours is probably gonna be different. As far as calling services perform, this ranks highly among the best for your money and. Nearly all calling services charge you monthly rates.

Some charge yearly rates. Update your availability weekly and show up early regularly and be easy to work with. Anticipate traffic delays and plan the safest and quickest ways ahead to make your call time at least ten to fifteen minutes early in order to avoid causing production delays in your end. Uncut is on your side provided you keep the communication lines with them open and reach them ASAP. While I've heard that other calling services book more work for a lot more money, Uncut anticipates lulls between seasons.

Save the Platinum for when you go Union, as Uncut will send you on auditions they feel you may be right for with this. That's it for now. After a year, let me know your experience with them in a comment. Better yet, let them know.

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I highly recommend Uncut! I've only been Uncut casting services them for a few months but so far, they've been able to book me a lot. Jacques and his team are super friendly, helpful and respond quickly anytime I have a question even after hours.

Their online system is really easy to use. Check them out! I was on the fence about ing up with Uncut but I'm so Uncut casting services I took a chance. It's been a game changer! They've booked me a lot of work in the short time I've been with them and on really high caliber projects I couldn't have gotten myself.

Everyone I've interacted with there has been really nice, helpful and professional. Their online calendar system is organized and easy to use. They even give you an option to say you have "possible all day availability" where they will text you before they book you which in my case has been a life saver since I do freelance catering gigs as well. Anytime I have had a question, they are really quick to respond and even go out of their way to get me answers. I highly recommend them! This is a great little company for finding background work, especially if you are trying to get your feet wet in acting opportunities!

Fast responses, and most of the staff are pretty nice I've only had a bad experience with one girl in particularbut Jacques especially works late and takes the time to make sure you have a good experience. It's been about a year since I ed up with Uncut Casting. The staff there is extremely phenomenal and they really do care about you. I've gotten tons of work with them and I highly recommend them! Awesome, uncut is great!!! Uncut is truly a hidden gem in this industry. I really would like to recommend Uncut for many reasons, most important one being how they treat you and your career.

Jacques is the owner and he is an amazing guy who really cares about his clients. Going into their Culver City office to up was super easy. Everyone that works here is super nice, genuine, and always helps you out with any questions you might have. I love that I can update my own pictures, since my look varies every month or so -- even slightly -- I like to keep my pics as current as possible. The website is super easy to use to do just that and more. They also don't charge monthly fees, which is pretty sweet. I know sometimes it seems weird to have to pay a fee, but it's is totally worth it if you are serious about making money doing background work.

After a few days of ing up, I got booked and ever since then, they have booked me on gigs I know I couldn't have booked on my own. Of all the extras casting companies I've tried, this one seems to be pretty amazing. Wish I had discovered them sooner!! An excellent resource and absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way.

If you are thinking of ing up, I truly do urge you to do so!! Thank you, Uncut!! You Rock! Uncut casting has been super helpful in getting me work and Uncut casting services always been professional. Just got booked on Perry Mason! The website is also very easy to use. You can keep your schedule up to date on the website and they work around that for you. The booking fees are also very reasonable. I would suggest checking this place out. They get me booked kaezl. I ed Uncut and got gigs right away.

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The staff communicated with me well through and text. I recommend Uncut because it gives opportunities that are fast and fun. I have been a member for almost a year! Great staff! They always put me on higher paying jobs. I appreciate them and look forward to the busier season! Thank you Uncut Casting! Very Awesome place. I really like uncut casting. I've read a couple of bad reviews on them before I ed up but I decided to take a chance and see what they were about.

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Uncut casting services decision I've ever made. The staff is very helpful, very nice, they get back to you right away, and very organized. I definitely would recommend uncut casting. Just give them a chance More I got called in, scheduled an orientation, and got ed up Uncut casting services Uncut! A week after, I was called in for an audition for hair modeling. I have been receiving upcoming events and auditions for Uncut every week or every 2 weeks ever since. My first agency. Very Professional Staff! I had a great first experience and would recommend to friends and family.

Almost immediately after ing up with them they started getting my name out there for work. The employees are all kind and professional but more importantly they got me work! Grateful for the team effort Great booking service. Only pay when you work! Just booked an awesome music video at a higher rate with a big celebrity. Staff is helpful and willing to answer your calls. They work with a variety of casting directors so the work is varied and interesting. Since ing up I've done photo shoots, stand in work, tv, film and a music video. Uncut's up process was easy and there's no monthly membership fee.

After the up, you only pay when you work. Last week when things were slow for everyone I know, Uncut booked me on a tv show, a short film, and on a big name higher-rate project as well. They also frequently contact me by text about other short notice bookings and about other non-BG gigs that are great sources of income.

Super friendly and professional as well. I ed onto them for extra work a short while ago. All the people in the office were real friendly and professional which isn't a given in this business. Almost immediately they started finding work for me and in no time I got booked on Greys Anatomy.

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I'm writing this review just after so I'm certain in no time it'll keep getting better. Unlike some of the other casting services, this one actually gives a damn about its clients. Very friendly staff and very helpful.

Uncut casting services

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