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The Seven Deadly Sinsor as they say, the cardinal sins that once committed, could wind you up in the depths of hell. But, apart from it being cast into the stones throughout the ages, let me introduce you to the fun part of it! As is apparent, such can also be a source of an incredible storyline, so the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins is not a strange thing in the world of anime and manga. This is a shonen anime series with humans, fairies, demons, a King and his Knights, and, of course, a talking pig revolving around a fantastic story of mighty knights depicting the seven deadly sins.

While it discusses and depicts sins, this anime is more concerned with the journey and the twisted fantasy world in which the characters are born to play their duties.

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The anime series has recently finished its Season 4 and has two movies, three OVAs, and two specials completing the catalog. Let me tell you how to watch this fantastic shonen anime, which has a very straightforward diegesis full of numerous overpowered characters set in a fantasy European Middle Ages.

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The Seven Deadly Sins is currently streaming only on Netflix with both the preference of dubbed versions and subtitles. It will take you 44 hours and 34 minutes to complete this anime which is roughly two days of complete binge-watching. Of course, you can download and watch the anime offline since it has been streaming on Netflix and Netflix already provides the download option to all its subscribers.

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Also, the four-episode special, s of Holy War, is vital in understanding the series, and it is not a special I would recommend you to skip on. It is not a Season 2, somewhat a short sequel to Season 1, and only stretches out the storyline of Season 1. At best, the s of Holy War can be considered a bridging season, and anime are full of such installments in a franchise.

The OVAs are also very important as some of the crucial plot points are clearly shown in them. An important question might come up regarding another season for an anime with such a dedicated fanbase. Thus a new season could be in the works as a sequel. Ten years ago, all the sins were banished from the Kingdom after they were wrongly framed for the murder of Great Holy Knight, Zaratars.

Now, the Kingdom is about to fall in the hands of the corrupt Holy Knights, and Elizabeth must find the Sins and their leader Meliodas to save the Kingdom. Foodie to the hilt and the clandestine king of online food ordering! All content cited is derived from their respective sources.

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Watch seven deadly sins ova

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