What is a beef curtain

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A Pussy Lip. Last night I devoured my girlfriend's beefcurtains!

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Beef Curtain. While beef curtain quite clearly relates to the facilities of a lady to enable a gentleman to gain entry with his pork sword, the reason is hitherto explained. In the s many members of the middle class had dreadful looking reddy-brown curtains hanging in their houses often smelling of the sunday roast which had been enjoyed by the said middle classes on sundays.

More often than not these people would enjoy a good bit of beef which is why the said curtains smelled the way they did. A lady's receptical which enables penal entry has a very similar persona after many years of sexual attention as the aforementioned s curtains. The expression 'beef curtain' found its origin in the late s. Womans naughty bits look and smell the same after use.

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The use of the produce from abattoirs to block out light from a window. Oh wowwhat a beef curtain she must have!

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The moist flaps hanging from the undercarriage of a woman's gusset. Cass got me so wet I had to put my beef curtains out to dry they were dripping so much. Also Known as pussy lips. I chewed her Beef Curtains.

What is a beef curtain

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