What the fuck am i going to do

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Whenever I receive a question on the topic, I think back to this quote from Mark Manson:. It hurts. As harsh as these words are, nothing is wrong with you for asking.

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As Mark further explained, life has no definitive answers most of the time. Everything in life is NOT knowing, and then still doing it. However, this jackass has some advice that will help you find it. Which is why this is the first, albeit the most painful truth you need to understand:. Nobody is going to figure out your life purpose for you.

Life is all about the choices you make. Some are good, some are bad, but all of them ultimately have consequences. This may sound cruel, but the universe is indifferent. In a hundred years, nobody is going to remember you ever live. Even worse, imagine if you found out that your entire life purpose was nothing more than to pass the fucking butter. Rick from the show Rick and Morty embodies this notion to its fullest extent. In the show, there are infinite realities and infinite universes, so no matter what you choose to do, somewhere else you made the opposite choice.

Hence, nothing you do ever really matters. Most people would find this depressing, but Rick realizes how liberating it is. Since nothing really matters, you can do whatever the fuck you want. There are no limits or restrictions. Yet, he never complained or regretted this decision. For most of his life, doing boring, repetitive tasks WAS his life purpose. So when that was taken away from him, he was left with nothing. No reason to get out of the bed in the morning. No reason to justify doing something. No reason to care.

While in the past he was pleasant to be around, in his retirement he became an alcoholic. He spends most of his days drinking himself into oblivion and insulting everybody that crosses his path.

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Whenever you tie yourself to something temporary, be it a job, a relationship, or a skillset, you will naturally feel depressed when these things are taken away. If your life purpose is tied to a specific person, your life will feel meaningless if that person changes, leaves you, or dies. In the second case, you can be a great player, then a coach, then an educator, then a commentator, a chairman on the board, and so on. If your purpose is something broader, you can always find a way to contribute to it, way into your old age.

For me, my purpose is to find ways to maintain mental strength and help others do the same.

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And I can keep fulfilling this purpose until the day I die. The way I do it, however, will likely change drastically over time. If Batman lost all of his wealthgadgets, and friends, and was left with nothing and no one, he would still have the same life purpose and he would still dedicate the same amount of time to it — just through different means. The same way, if my site disappears overnight, I would be devastated, sure, but my life purpose would remain unchanged. I will simply have to find another way of making it true. But if it was, why would you have the need to congratulate me anyway?

In fact, every single person around you has achieved the exact same thing probably more times and better than you did. Most of the things you care about are important simply because you decide they are important. TMZ might rave about which celebrity did what, where, and with who, but I could give a flying shitsticle about it. Now, look at your own life. What do you already care about? Family, friends, possessions? Life purpose is essentially that one thing you care about the most. The peak of the mountain you climb for the rest of your life, desptite every obstacle in your way.

You care deeply about that guy in his sports car who cut you off, even though that incident holds no value in your life in general. I would know because when I was young and gullible, I ate that shit up and licked the plate. But the more I started actually thinking about the advice I was implementing, the more I started seeing how ridiculous it really is. And it all comes down the underlying lie they constantly promote:. Self-help industry says that happiness is the ONLY thing that matters.

In fact, most people around you convey this idea as well. This is ridiculous. Happiness is the easy emotion.

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It takes no effort. The world is wonderful. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and double rainbows are making you completely lose your shit out of excitement. The thing is, we as humans totally suck at judging our emotions. Positive or negative, we think they will last longer and have a greater effect than they usually do. The same thing applies to happiness. So you try finding a way to get that amazing feeling back once again.

Happiness is a drug. It makes you feel amazing for a while, but the effects are temporary and you will do anything for another fix. But most of life is not happiness. Most days are boring and unexceptional. For every happy moment, you will experience four moments of pain and agony. If you just keep chasing happiness like a dog chases his own tail, you will keep spinning until you get dizzy and fall down in your own poop. Long-term happiness comes from accepting the negative parts of life.

It comes from embracing pain and learning to become stronger as a result. You are destined for great things and you should feel good about that. And when you stop feeling good, buy my new book. When searching for their life purpose, most people operate under the assumption that they are absolutely-drop-dead-not-another-one-like-me special.

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Like, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin special. You want to be liked. You want to be respected. You want your life to have meaning and you want your life purpose to be something unique to you. Should you curl up under the shower, clench your knees, and sit there for all eternity?

Deep down, you know this. You go to school or work like a lot of people, or you sit on your ass all day, again like a lot of people. And while some of us are willing to climb mountains and discover new elements and make scientific breakthroughs and fight for human rights, most of us simply… live. Every week, I get dozens of s from people who share their life stories and unique problems. People are people. In fact, I bet my left testicle that the 1 thing that worries you in this moment falls under one of these five :.

How do I know this? As of writing this, most of my days are currently spent writing about mindset and answering a bazillion s a day from people looking for guidance. I had no fucking clue. If you hopped into your favorite time travel device, be it a phone booth, DeLorean, or a T. I know, what a little brat.

What the fuck am i going to do

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How to figure out what the fuck to do with your life