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Hey homies. I've spent the last month or so searching hard for some good mods to complement the amazing overhaul known as Dust Survival Simulator. I've done lots of testing and searching and testing and searching and this is my current list of mods that I'm really loving in combination with it. These are all optional but highly recommended. I have included a section on texture overhauls as well - I only recommend the actual texture changes for a beefier PC.

I will not include the obvious UI and performance improvements here that should be used in every playthrough always IMO - these are just things that I feel most people will be interested in to go along with Dust content-wise. This takes New Vegas from an inferior Fallout game to the difficult, frustrating, spooky, lonely, survival-based, hardcore Fallout experience I've always wanted. I won't spoil anything, but this takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas.

The post-post-apocalyptic world of New Vegas and Yams pinup parade 3 is now back to being a true post-apocalypse world. There is no rebuilding of civilization. No organization.

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No law or order. Most people are dead. Food, water, ammo, chems, and good weapons are all in extremely short supply. Tunnelers are taking over and the only people left are survivors and cannibals and psychotic motherfuckers that just want to continue living. All quests are gone and almost every NPC in the game will want to kill you on sight. Your only goal is to survive, explore, and GTFO of the wasteland if you so choose.

In Dust, you are no longer the heroic main character. You're just another person trying to find your way out. Use with Realistic Wasteland Lighting. This is brighter and a little less gloomy compared to the other choice. If you don't like the black bars, read the readme. Both are great ENBs but I personally prefer this one. I recommend adding the alternate sun texture from the description as well. Adds tons of hand-placed and IMO fairly balanced uniques scattered and hidden around the world. I recommend playing without reading the spoilers for it. Its a lot of fun showing up to Yams pinup parade old location and noticing a shiny new rifle sitting on top of a cabinet in the back.

It even adds a few weapons that you find in a broken state and can only repair through an unmarked quest to find the pieces for it. I haven't played New Vegas without this mod in a very long time. Its especially cool in Dust - just imagine that all those weapons once belonged to someone and now they're left abandoned while their owner is likely rotting away under the ground somewhere. Ammo Crafting Schematics Adds hand-placed schematics around the wasteland that will allow you to make different types of ammo.

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For example, you can find the. You'll need to make sure you disable all the encounters that won't make sense, but I'm hoping it will pull Yams pinup parade the leveled lists and spawn the appropriate Dust-edited variants and you can go in to FNVEdit if you want and change the names of the Raiders it adds to Hunters to fit with Dust's naming scheme.

I also activate the Ghost encounters since Yams pinup parade uses Ghosts Yams pinup parade regular enemies. I will say that I used to play with it a lot back in the day and its always been fun. Keep the difficulty for it on Normal to stay in line with Dust's values. Adds handheld, head-worn, and harness flashlights to the game that can be toggled on and off using a hotkey.

Gas Masks of the World Don't not use this. Grab the Dead Money add-on as well. It will make you immune to some certain red clouds in a certain area. You will tear your hair out without this. Nordic Firearms I'll bet most won't remember this one - an old mod that adds a couple really cool uniques to the game. It was removed from the Nexus forever ago and now lives on Fileplanet for whatever reason. You won't be able to access all of them in Dust since some were added to vendors, but oh well.

Not too common. Nice as an occasional surprise. Also those of you who have tried to go to Novac early on in Dust will love to hear that a band of mercs now spawn outside of there to help you out. Also the merc bands you'll see tend to have some nice gear. NVInteriors Project Adds a lot more places to explore. All of them are handcrafted and very nice. Loot is mostly balanced. Some places will have more loot than you'd normally find in Dust, but nothing too crazy.

Rusty Highways Super cool with Dust - adds a whole lot more cars around the roadways. I've come up on firefights that end in a huge chain explosion of cars, killing everyone involved while I stand there, now crippled and very confused. Too cool. And it just looks more realistic to me to have tons of cars sitting on the ro still.

Spice of Life Adds lots of new clothing and variants to them. Needs body replacers. I use Robert's and Type3. WMX Duuuh. Adds tons of weapon mods for all weapons as well as the uniques. No reason not to use it - fully compatible with everything here if you remember to grab compatibility patches.

I personally prefer this over WME with Dust. Instead of damage and accuracy, it has a lot of mods for decreasing weight and increasing condition - two things that are super important in this setup. Weapons of the New Millenia Millenia's weapon pack.

Works nice with Dust since you'll occasionally get to see some military grade weapons. Also its fucking awesome to be able to use the Duplet from Metro in Dust. I agree but this gives you a nice place to spend all those caps you'll end up with.

An alternative to this would be Weapon Mod Recipes. Alternative Repairing Allows you to repair clothes with cloth, armor with metal, weapons with repair pieces. Also allows multiple uses on Weapon Repair Kits. Pretty fair IMO considering they're rare in Dust anyways. Ammo Ingredients as Loot Very helpful in Dust. Adds primers and lead and what-not to toolboxes and metal containers and dumpsters. Sounds OP, but it definitely isn't. Better Breaching I always turn off the explosive breaching in Project Nevada and use this instead.

Very comprehensive and even adds breaching rounds to use in shotguns to bust open locks. Brighter Larger Pip-Boy Light I use the 3x version - majorly increases the radius and intensity of the pipboy light. The dark ENBs pretty much make the vanilla pipboy light useless. Collision Meshes Changes the meshes on some objects fences especially so that you can actually fucking shoot through them finally. Essential to any playthrough but especially nice when going for a hardcore realism type deal like with Dust.

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Combat Enhancer So here's the thing: vanilla combat AI is shitty. Here's the other thing: every mod that changes it Yams pinup parade way old and doesn't seem to work like it should. I only found out about this once recently last updated a month or two ago too and it seems to work pretty nicely.

Enemies are more aggressive but try to use cover and group tactics. It isn't super noticeable unless you do some comparison vs vanilla AI, but it is very nice and I'm a big fan. I mean. The higher your sneak skill the more an enemy's FOV will be reduced. Enemies can now generally see you from further away but are a lot more oblivious if you're behind them. I use the Bashir's default settings and disable the leaning in favor of another mod, though you might prefer the "leaning" present here.

Dynamic Hardcore Mode I don't currently use it but I've tried it before and its neat. Basically makes it so that you don't need to eat meals and 8 gallons of water throughout the deal unless you're doing lots of running and fighting outdoors. If you sleep indoors you also won't have to wake up and eat half of the wasteland's food supply to not die. I'll probably add it back to my load order soon. This has those as well as realistic reloading and some other tweaks. All configurable. So awesome for something like Dust. Immersive Minigames Now you don't have to spend an insane amount of points on Science and Lockpicking.

Very cool mod. Very immersive. Junk Rounds Redux Makes junk rounds easier to craft and generally not as dumb. More Perks Tons of great choices, many of them work really nicely alongside a hardcore survival playthrough like this. Don't use NVEC itself though. Incompatible with lots of these mods. Perk per Level Completely balanced, especially in a harsh world like Dust and with mods like More Perks.

Trust me, Yams pinup parade doesn't make Dust much easier. Just more fun.

Yams pinup parade

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